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Frequently Asked Questions

*Please read all questions and answers*

How do I RSVP? 

The best way to RSVP is through our website by making your $100.00 deposit; deposits were due March 31, 2023. If you have not already done so, please make a deposit and make payments towards your trip as soon as possible. We are required to release all #FlowersPowerForever rooms on July 16, 2023. Thereafter you may be able to attend but will not be able to benefit from our discounted room rates. 


What is the RSVP deadline?

If you are attending any of the wedding festivities you will need to RSVP no later than September 30th. You can RSVP by going to the RSVP tab and confirming your attendance for each individual event. 

We request  that you RSVP for each event to confirm when you will be arriving and departing and which events you intend to join us in. 


I missed the opportunity to reserve a room under the #FlowersPowerForever room block, what can I do if I would still like to attend?

You may access our website at and place a booking request and deposit authorization.


Our Travel Specialist Tanya will confirm availability and pricing with the resort. She will communicate with you if your request can not be confirmed and offer any options that may be available. 


When should I plan to arrive/depart?

You are welcome to arrive and depart whenever you wish. The Bride & Groom are arriving December 9th and departing the 14th. 

We recommend that you arrive no later than Sunday,December 10th at 12pm CT.  Travel days are often longer than planned and expected. As mentioned below, the resort is approximaqtely one hour outside of the Cancun airport but that time may vary depending upon traffic. You should budget 1.5 hours traveling not to include going through airport customs, retrieving your bags and departing the plane. And, our Very Black, All White Welcome Party begins on the 10th at 5:00pm and we want you to arrive and check-in on time! 


Am I permitted a plus 1 to wedding festivities?

Your (printed or digital) invitation indicates whether you have received a plus one (1). We’d love to include everyone at all the festivities, but unfortunately are only able to invite close friends and family. We appreciate your understanding and hope to see you there!


Are children welcome? Do I have to stay at Secrets Akumal?

The ceremony, reception and welcome party festivities will take place at Secrets Akumal, a five-star, adults-only all-inclusive resort. Unfortunately, children are not permitted onto the property. If you wish to bring your child(ren) on the trip, you are welcome to do so but will need to stay off-property and they will not be able to attend the wedding festivities taking place at the resort.


Our travel agent Tanya Casteel can make suitable recommendations for nearby resorts. If you wish to stay off-resort for any reason, you will be responsible for the day-pass fees to enter the property for wedding festivities. Partial day passes require a $120 fee and full-day passes require a $150 fee. 


What are the wedding weekend activities? 

​December 10th: -- A Very Black, All-White Welcome Fiesta-- 6:00pm -8:00pm

December 11th -- Flowers Power Forever Ceremony, Cocktail & Reception -- 4:00pm-9:30pm [unplugged ceremony]

December 12th -- Adios Familia Group Event – We have reserved this day with the plan for an optional group event; details to follow. 



Will the wedding be held indoors or outdoors?

The welcome party, ceremony, cocktail and reception are scheduled to be held outdoors with covering. Currently, none are schedule to be held on the beach. While in Mexico, let's party outside in 80 degree weather! 


What is the dress code for the activities? 

A Very Black, All-White Welcome Fiesta: 

  • White resort attire


  • Semi-formal. For guidance on our requested color guidance please visit this website 

  • For guidance on semi-formal attire, please visit this website. Note that the event will be outdoors. 

  • We love and encourage your personality but request that our guests refrain from wearing the following on our ceremony day:

    • No white/ivory attire

    • No tropical/beach prints. 


Where are we staying – tell me more?! 

Secrets Akumal (pronounced Ah-ku-mal) is located in the heart of the Riviera Maya along the famed white-sand Akumal beach. This all-inclusive resort fuses elegant and original design with elements of nature. With a Mayan name meaning “place of the turtle,” this AAA Five Diamond Resort is renowned for its beautiful beach, calm Caribbean waters and green sea turtle population - making it an oasis for snorkeling, kayaking, and other resort activities. Secrets Akumal offers an adults-only picturesque hideaway with winding walkways, secluded pools and world-class spa


Where is Akumal, Mexico? Is it safe to visit?

Akumal is a coastal resort on Mexico’s Riviera Maya, on the Yucatán Peninsula. Akumal Beach has white sands, a coral reef and warm waters rich in marine life, including turtles. It is located 1 hour from the Cancun airport along the Cancun-Tulum corridor, and is approximately 30 minutes from Tulum. Akumal is a famous  destination for its white sand beaches, turquoise waters, snorkeling and swimming with endangered turtles. 

Safety: Mexico is generally safe for American tourists if you take proper precautions, research the city you are traveling to, and use common sense. Places like New Jersey, New York City and Atlanta have significantly higher crime rates than these parts of Mexico. The resorts have 24-hour security and one can only enter onto the property with proper approval. Essentially, act right and you gon’ be alright! 


I plan to attend the wedding but not stay at the resort. How does that work?

You are permitted to lodge at any resort of your wishes. You may work with our Travel Agent Tanya to find lodging recommendations near the resort. If you do not lodge at Secrets Akumal you are considered an external guest. 


Each external guest will need to bring a passport or ID, this ID is delivered at the front desk during the registration and the guests pick it up when they leave the property. 

External guests will need to arrange transportation to and from all wedding activities that will take place at Secrets Akumal. There is an additional fee for entrance onto the resort that is charged to the Bride and Groom. If you come onto the property there is a strict entrance and exit policy limiting the time you are permitted to remain at the resort. External guests are permitted to arrive 30 minutes before the ceremony begins and must depart as soon as the private event ends, reporting to the lobby to check-out. If for some reason guests stay beyond the time or spend the night, the resort has the right to fully charge a room night or apply a penalty to the wedding couple

 Please follow the rules or do your best to solidify accomodations at the resort.


I would like to change the people on my reservation; how do I do this and what is the deadline to make changes?

Please email with your requested changes in writing. Penalties may apply for a guest cancelation and will be advised prior to making changes to the booking. Occupancy changes may be made prior to 10/4/2023 without penalty and name changes may be made prior to 10/19/2023. Please note that the removal of a guest with travel protection will result in the activation of the travel protection purchased for that guest. 


How do I get to and from the resort? 

If you booked through the resort, your roundtrip travel to and from the Cancun airport is complimentary. Note this is shared travel, meaning a chartered driver will do pick-up and drop-off, with other passengers going to/from area resorts. This may result in several drop-offs. If you would like a direct/private transportation to Secrets Akumal, you will need to arrange that by contacting our travel agent Tanya Casteel and paying an additional fee (estimated at $60pp). 


How do I contact the resort?

We do not anticipate that you will need to contact the resort directly and for most questions you can direct them to our travel agent Tanya Casteel. However, if you would like to contact Secrets Akumal you may do so here.   


How do I book my airfare?

You may book your airfare however you please – Google flights, your personal travel agent, or any discount airfare website you prefer. You may also choose to use the services of our travel agent who can research flights and book them for you. She may find better prices and better flights. This research, and all her services are complimentary; there is no obligation to use her for your airfare booking. 


I have a question not answered here, who do I contact?

If the question is related to booking, accommodation and travel, please contact our travel agent Tanya Casteel. 


If the question is related to any other matters (schedule, attire, gifts, etc.) please contact the bride and groom.

Palm Trees


By Phone:​

770.827.7679 (Bride) &

908.243.28826 (Groom)



You can also contact our travel agent with any questions regarding travel or accomodations:

Tanya Casteel



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